Q:  How can I call and speak with someone in customer service?

You can call 844-573-3186 to speak with a customer service representative.
You can also send an email to
Additional contact information and a form are on the website at

Q:  How do I get back to the main page on the site?

Clicking the Hat logo at the top of the page will always take you to the main page


Q:  I clicked on the cart.  It's empty but now I can't get back to the main page

Clicking on the cart again should display the top header and allow you to click on TheHatShop logo to return to the main page


Q:  How can I remove or update items in my cart?

The cart can be updated on the check out page.  Click on Checkout and scroll down to the order summary.  Click on the "Remove" button to the item that you wish to remove.


Q:  How do I find my order history?

Order history can be found on your My Account page.  Click on the My Account icon to display your information and menu option for order history

Q:  What does "Processing" and "Pending" mean in the status on my order?

        After you checkout your order will be in "Processing" status until it has shipped.
        If there is any delay in processing your payment, whether by PayPal or credit card, your order will be in "Pending" status until payment has processed.

Q:  I want to estimate shipping to another address.  Where can I do that?

        The Shipping Method section on the checkout page shows the shipping charges for Ground, NextDay and 2nd Day shipping.
        To estimate shipping to another address, change the city, state and zipcode on the shipping address.
        The shipping charges in the Shipping Method section will automatically update to reflect the change.
        If the Next Day or 2nd Day options are not visible, the shipping address is not valid or incomplete.

Q:  I added product for comparison but can't find how to see them.

        When you add a product to the comparison, a link appears at the bottom left corner in green.
        You can click on that link or go directly to here to see product comparisons.
        You do have to be logged in to see your selections.